Gialova – Messinia


A short distance from Pylos is the Gialova, settlement, built in the bay of Navarino. The area of Gialova with its rich flora and fauna is an important wetland in the Peloponnese. The lagoon of Gialova (Divari) wetland with rare flora and fauna, and the bay of Voidokilia, with dunes and turquoise waters, is of outstanding places you wanna be.



 Security advices

The spot is located in the Bay of Navarino, which makes it pretty safe for kiteboarding. Shallow for the first few meters from the beach, deep water in the rest of the bay. There are a few hazards: a half sunken ship completely downwind, swimmers (during camping season), small boats in front of the camping. There are windsurfers in the bay as well, look out with the kite lines. Best direction W, WNW, NW.



Swimmers in the area during the summer months. The direction of the air is sideshore – sideonshore, visiting the point in summer, you should ask if the Port Authority allowed the kitesurf in the area.

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