The Hidden Kitesurf Paradise

Is one of the lesser known Islands of Greece but its fame and small size is deceiving.  It is one of the Greek Islands that you would have to try hard to locate on any tourist brochures, and would just as easily miss on a map of Greece.Elafonisos will be one of our destinations for kite surf  from April. The island of Elafonisos is a small paradise for kitesurf the summer months with the North wind many times 6 Beaufort and over. There is no surf station in the area so the level required is of medium and above. The beaches of Punta and Pavlopetri are sandy with shallow and crystal clear waters.


During the winter months the wind  blows from west, southwest directions and you can kite surf in the famous beach of Simos! Big sandy shallow beach with a lot of waves make Elafonisos one of the best destination in winter and Autumn periods.

Elafonisos 4



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