AirDog Drone

This might be the best drone we’ve seen yet. It’s called the AirDog, forget lugging around a big heavy gadget and constantly worrying one of the arms will snap off. The AirDog is collapsible and fits nicely into your backpack. The AirLeash offers a powerful signal to your AirDog drone, ensuring they both stay connected, and continue communicating with each other even from far away. This allows you to control whether you want your AirDog hovering close, or taking in a wide landscape at a distance.


No remote control skills required from the user. Gyroscope stabilized gimbal. Forget about shaky footage, AirDog has a clever gimbal that will always point camera towards you. Sometimes, you want a really wide shot to take in the scenery. 

How it works:

The AirLeash gives you everything you need to make sure your AirDog is always doing what you want it to. While you’re riding a bike, skiing, or skateboarding, the AirLeash is doing all the work to keep your AirDog in flight, and doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing (based on your pre-sets) so you can focus on the action .Enjoy wakeboarding, surfing, and jet skiing? So do we. That’s why we’ve designed the AirLeash to be completely, 100%, waterproof… so you can enjoy intense water sports knowing that your AirLeash isn’t going to be affected if a huge wave knocks you off your board and into the water.

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