Angelochori – Thesaloniki


The Angelochori is a village located in the southwest part of the county , almost on the cape Grand Karampournou . It is designated as a rural lowland settlement at a weighted average altitude of 30 and has an area of ​​5716 km² ( 5116 km² , excluding inland waters ) . Distance from Thessaloniki 30 km approx.


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Sailing conditions

Angelochori is the top spot in Thessaloniki and the wind blows from NW mostly with side onshore direction with a nice flat area. The average of the wind  15 – 40 knots depends of the forecast and the season. Many local windsurfers and kitesurfers in the spot during all year.



Weather statistics

Στιγμιότυπο 2014-12-19, 10.18.40 μ.μ.

Security advices 

Nice spot for kiting  medium – expert level.  There is kite surf instructor team in the area when its windy.

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