Become a certified IKO instructor

Become a certified IKO kiteboarding instructor, and teach in kite schools all around the world.  Take part in the ITC courses  for this year and become certified instructor by the International Kiteboarding Organization and get the chance to travel around the world and work as a kite instructor. The course is for people who are all ready kitesurfing.  Whether you have never tought before, or are allready teaching using your own methods, the IKO ITC will provide you with the appropriate tools and methodology to teach professionaly and safely, increasing customer satisfaction.  The IKO ITC will also open the door to a big list of job openings throughout the world, so dust of that globe atlas, and let the adventure begin.

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Pre-requisites for the IKO Kiteboarding Course

– over 18 years old

– a Level 3 kiteboarder (e.g. go upwind, do jumps, ride toe side and land a few rotation jumps)

– able to speak, write and understand English

– an Assistant Instructor (if not you can join the Assistant Instructor Course just before the instructor course)

Check the calendar  HERE

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