If you bored to make upwind now its the time to push your self to the next level. We make this video section for beginners to improve themselves in kiteboarding. Many tips and tricks are listed for you, from the easiest to hardest tricks. Get involved and take your level higher than you except.

Trick Wheel – Transitions – Inspiration for Kitesurfing Tricks

Riding Toeside
 Heal to Toe Carve

For your first attempts slow things down:

  • Start with your kite no higher than 11 or 1
  • Stand up on your board so that you are not on an edge
  • Steer the kite across the window and immediately carve
  • Look where you want to go, not at the kite


Launching is all about timing. Timing the kite movement with your boards edging. The faster you ride into your launch the higher you can potentially go but you must be in control and holding your edge. Get the technique and feel for the balance between the boards edging and kite’s upwards movement – even riding slowly, if you have

If getting some air then its time to try spinning under your kite. Learn how your kite, body and board come together when mastering Back Rolls, Front Rolls and Aerial Transtions – both straight Jump Transitions, then Back Roll and Front Roll Transitions.



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