The Best Way To Improve Yourself On Kiteboarding

We all love to get out there and land a new trick. If you are learning your first kitesurfing jump or are just trying to nail that front mobe, it all comes down to the same points.  When we land a new trick our muscles remember the positions that we put our self in and they remember it. You need to spend as much time on the water as possible. If you are only riding 10-20 times a year your progression in kitesurfing will be limited and you might in fact just be learning new tricks over and over again. You need to have at least 40 or more two hour sessions a year for your progression to show.


Focus – Decide what you want to achieve!

If you are driving to the spot decide on 2 tricks you want to progress in your kitesurfing! Visualize yourself doing them before you even start to launch your kite! This will get the ball rolling. When you are attempting your tricks try them 10 times at the start of your session when you are fresh and full of energy, and make sure when you are doing the tricks that you are enjoying it and having FUN, if you are not having fun stop and trying something that excites you. When you crash launch your kite and sit in the water or on the side of the beach if safe and ask yourself – “what did I do wrong” “what did you do right” this will get you thinking about how to progress and move forward.

Crashing is a natural part of learning

Kites are designed to with stand impact on the water and also to be water relaunched. Don’t be afraid to crash your kite. You will be become better at relauching, and know what’s best to get your kite up. Unless you are riding boots be comfortable with upwind body dragging, you will be doing this a lot, so get used to it!! Even if the wind is not blowing you can still aid your progression. Watching videos is the best way forward and read up on the trick you want to learn. The stages of the trick will be the same but some people have a different way of teaching it, and once you have found a video that teaches you the tricks you want to progress on keep the link as it will be useful. There is always somebody at the beach you can ask for advice from so do it. They can look at you from an outside perspective and give you there honest feedback.

Gear doesn’t aid your skills

People get dragged into gear wars. Its nothing to do with the gear its all about the skills that you acquire and possess. Some of the best riders in the world are from Brazil where they have got 2002 gear, but they are still ripping harder than anybody else. You limit yourself not your gear. Find gear which suits you’r riding style that you want to progress and stick with it

Healthy is best

Kitesurfing is a extreme action sport and we need to keep fit and strong to do the sport. Crashing 20-30 times in a 2 hour session can become very tiring so we need to keep fit so we can withstand the crashes and not injure yourself. On no wind days do some sport to keep yourself fit and on form so when the wind blows you have all the energy, so you can perform when needed. Stretching before each session is important meaning, you have less of a chance to pull anything. We all forget the warm down after a session, this is just as if not more important than the pre stretching.


Make sure you have gear which you comfortable riding on and fits your style of riding. There is so much gear to choose from you will find something to suit you. Set yourself a goal and targets before each session, and don’t try and learn a handle pass on you 6 meter kite wait for the, easy days. Crashing is a natural learning curve and you don’t need to be afraid of it. Break down your trick into stages and most importantly make sure you’r having fun.



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