Body Dragging Technics

Must know:


Body Dragging is a skill that all kiters should know and use, it is the best way to get around the water if you need to retrieve your board or get out over collisions. When you learn to kitesurf, body dragging is one of the skill you must know very well. It is a fundamental skill that you will need as a kitesurfer allowing you to develop your kite control and help you remain calm in situations where you may be without your board.

The downwind body drag allows you to feel the power of the kite without a board getting in your way. Make sure when you do body drag downwind, that you are not close to the waters edge.


Upwind Body Drag

Every kitesurfer should be able to body drag upwind, it will allow you to get past any waves at a dumpy beach, and also allow you to get back to your board if you lose it. As a beginner upwind body dragging will give you an idea of apparent wind and how you can use your body in the water to help move you in the direction you want to go. 





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