Dodecanese  is a group of islands in southeastern Greece in the Aegean Sea, It is located between the southwester coast of Asia Minor and the island of Crete, south of Samos, and Fourni, and east of the Cyclades. Although its name means ”12 (dodeca) islands”, the group consists of about 50 islands and islets. Only 18 of these islands are permanently inhabited. Of these the most important are Rhodes, Kos , and Karpathos.


Rhodes, on which Rhodes, or Rodos, capital of the group is located, has the largest area and population of all the islands. The other inhabited islands are Kalimnos, Leros, Nissiros, Patmos, Kasteloriso (Megisti), Astipalea, Kassos, Halki, Tilos, Pserimos and Lipsi. The total population of all the islands is about146,000 inhabitants . Lot of windy spots in many islands male Dodecanese famous for kitesurfing or windsurfing. 






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