Elafonisos Watersport Center


Elafonisos is a small Greek island  between the Peloponnese and Kythira. It lies off the coast of Cape Malea and Vatika. The area of the island is 19 square kilometres (7 square miles). The population is between 300 and 350 during the winter but increases dramatically in the summer months. During July and August the number of tourist visitors reach over 3,000 per day (bringing with them some 1,600 cars). Many people visit the island for its light coloured, sandy beaches. Among the most well known of its beaches are Sarakiniko, Fragos(Simos) and Panagias Nissia, all filled with blue-green waters.Elafonisos is by far the largest inhabited island in the Peloponnese archipelago, and the only one that is a separate municipality. There are also some archaeological discoveries to explore on the island and in the surrounding waters.

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The Station

Between April and September our kite station will be located on the beach of Kalogeras(pool spot) inside the sport facilities of the Municipality at the end of the village of Elafonisou. Ideal spot for the  famous Meltemi during the summer months with very easy and quick access from the village . The spot is shallow and sandy with blue and tirkouaz  colors. The wind is onshore with average 20 knots. Many times wind is more depends of the forecast! We kitesurf also in the beach of Pounta and Pavlopetri with North winds  but its for medium expert level riders cause you have downwind the ferries line, so its better to avoid it cause its illegal.




Pool spot photos

Wind Statistics



From October till end of April the wind blows mostly  from SW – West direction and you can kite surf in the famous beach of Simos. 




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