Renegade 4G – All Terain

The iconic Renegade powers it’s way into our line once again with this fourth generation release. Built to cross all boundaries with ease, this all-terrain phenom can take a licking in the waves, relax for an evening cruise, boost with the best of them or take wakestyle to new heights.Our adjustable bridle attachment points allow you to move the bridle to the WAVE RIDE setting so the kite sits deeper and has better positional feedback while depowered. The FREE RIDE setting moves the kite closer to the edge of the window for killer wakestyle and boosting sessions.

Sizes: 6.5 / 9 / 11 / 13
Judge – Freestyle

The Judge is a true C kite with the benefits of modern relaunch and safety. Riders have enjoyed the lightning turning speed making this kite a popular choice for new school wakestyle riders. You’ll love the smooth, constant pull, light bar pressure and explosive pop. Wave riders looking for a new school feel will enjoy responsive turning speed, insanely easy unhooked riding and drift. See what all the buzz is about, check out the JUDGE.

Sizes: 6/8/11
Screamer 4G – Freeride – Freestyle

Lets face it – big air and freedom is what attracted you to the sport. Break the shackles with the new SCREAMER 4G. Noted and respected for its ability to produce oxygen depriving height and exceptional hang time, the Screamer raises the bar for big riding. Get ready for the ride of your life with the Screamer 10 meter Limited Edition. This specialized kite is our test pilot for the next generation of Screamers and has been vastly improved over the 3G version. If you thought we hit if out of the park before, get your hands on the 4G kites today – buckle up and get your oxygen masks ready.

Sizes: 7 / 9 / 10 LTD / 12 / 14

Junior Pro – All Around

There is no greater pleasure than being outdoors and doing something you love with the ones that love you. And by doing so, you want to keep your kids safe, and so do we. The new Junior Pro line was developed with fun and safety in mind. In the early stages of learning, you need a kite that is built to withstand the stress and keeps coming back for more. Reliable, fast relaunch and predictable characteristics reduce the frustration for young riders while the incredible depower will put your mind at ease. Simply let go of the Junior Pro Control Bar and the kite depowers, flutters to the water where it rests on a wingtip ready for more action – all within reach of a child’s arm.

Sizes: 4/8



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