How to Land a Kite Alone

Learning how to land a kite is a requirement for beginners and advanced kitesurf riders.

Sometimes you’re alone in the water and on the beach. You don’t have friends and family to help you land your kite. What should you do? The answer, although a dangerous one, is self-landing (for intermediate & advanced riders only).

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1. First of all, find a spot on the beach with plenty of space downwind. Make sure there are no obstacles or human beings nearby.



2. Now, lower the kite slowly until its half length is above the beach.

3. Time to aggressively pull on the lower back line, forcing the kite to come down.


4. Pull on the line quickly by grabbing the floaters above the bar ends.

5. As soon as the kite hits the ground, release the line, grab the other line by the floater, and run downwind while pulling on it.

6. The kite will turn its leading edge further into the wind and stop it from relaunching;.

7. Finally, get to your kite and turn it into the wind.




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