How to Ride Upwind with a Kite

Upwind kiteboarding is what separates beginners from intermediate and advanced riders. Riding into the wind is opening up all possible moving directions. Kiteboarders can ride their kites anywhere up to an angle of 45 degrees to the wind. This means that you’re nearly sailing directly against the wind or, in other words, zigzagging across the wind. After mastering the art of riding downwind, it’s time to unlock total kiteboarding freedom and leave the “walk of shame” for the upcoming beginners on the beach. If you can go upwind, you can turn and ride downwind, and vice-versa. Pretty useful, isn’t it?


Looking upwind helps to ride your kite upwind. If you edge too hard, you will ride out of the wind window. The good thing is that, after a few tacks, your brain will find the optimal balance between speed and direction.

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