How You Jump With A Kite

Many may think it’s a trivial skill to learn, but to do it well, jump high and land softly every time, that is something that takes practice and understanding of your kite. There are so many different elements that add to that perfectly timed floaty jump. You can break it down in to 3 obviously stages.



Launching is all about timing. Timing the kite movement with your boards edging. The faster you ride into your launch the higher you can potentially go but you must be in control and holding your edge. Get the technique and feel for the balance between the boards edging and kite’s upwards movement – even riding slowly.


The Landing

The two most important aspect to focus on:

You can’t land with your kite above your head or sitting at the front of the window, you need its power to be giving you some forward momentum to allow you to land and ride away with speed. So keep it above your head in the air and then bring it down in one movement into the power zone, if you wuss out and gently steer the kite down it will simple hug the front of the wind window and leave you no power. Point the board downwind as your land. This is crucial; it has to be hammered into your subconscious! With the board pointing downwind your can handle lots of power from the kite as you will simply ride straight downwind towards the kite allowing you to regain control of the kite and board. 
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