Karpathos is one of the most beautiful islands of Dodecanese. It is located on the southern side of the Aegean Sea, between Rhodes and Crete. Due to the secluded location and the distance from the other Greek islands, Karpathos island started developing in the last decades. In fact, the southern side of the island has mostly developed in tourism, while the central and the northern side has remained unspoiled and authentic, with picturesque villages away from mass tourism. Karpathos Greece is mostly famous for the exotic beaches with the golden sand and the crystal water. Holidays in Karpathos are ideal for families and trekkers, as the trekking paths that cross the island leads visitors to amazing spots. Karpathos  is one of the most windy island in Greece and very famous for windsurfing also.

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Sailing conditions

At the Carpathian Sea, the wind blow  from Northwest and the  strongest wind is in the afternoon with force up to 30 knots most of the time. Famous beaches for windsurf and kitesurf are Chicken bay (not allowed during summer months) Devil bay and Gun bay. Three beaches with side off shore wind that are connected each other with many windsurf centers in the area. For kitesurfing you can go in LUV spot during summer time and there is local assistance with rescue boat.

Στιγμιότυπο 2014-12-14, 4.15.14 μ.μ.

Weather statistics
  Στιγμιότυπο 2014-12-12, 12.44.23 μ.μ.

Security advices

In Karpathos  you can kite surf in Chicken, Gun and Devils bay with the wind side off shore. Lot of windsurfers in the area during summer months. The most famous beach for kite surf  is LUV spot with the wind side shore and some waves depends of the day. There is local assistance with rescue boat in all beaches and local kite surf school in LUV spot. Careful when the wind picks up to 30 knots many rocks in the area.

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