Keros Bay


Today Keros beach attracts tourists , especially in summer . Many camp in nearby grove while others stay in rented rooms in the nearby village Calliope . Keros beach is sandy and the water is shallow . Often marine winds prevail , known winds , which make it ideal for surfing and windsurfing . Also , in the hinterland of Keros is the important wetland Chortarolimni .


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Sailing conditions

Keros Bay is a wide, natural bay on the east side of Lemnos and extending some 3km from North to South. In the north, where the main centre is based, smooth flat water is accessible directly from the beach with cross shore winds. To the south are bump and jump conditions with a separate wave beach with onshore winds. The prevailing Aegean winds are from the north east, blowing steadily from March through to October averaging between 4 and 6 Bft with highest wind speed in the morning until around lunchtime and decreasing to F4 until mid to late afternoon.


Weather statistics

Στιγμιότυπο 2014-12-19, 7.05.07 μ.μ.

Security advices

Lot of space for everybody make Keros ideal for all level riders. There is school with security assistance rescue boat.

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