Boots vs Pads

Kiteboarding is a derivative of wakeboarding. Yes, there’s a dramatic difference between the pull, but wakeboarding has been and continues to be a strong influence to the kite side of things. I’m sure most of you have seen a board with boots, mounted up. Although most riders prefer straps when they start to kite board. If you’re capable of riding upwind and performing simple jumps and transitions  you can try the boots! Yes, its a little bit difficult to your launching and landing situation. It can be difficult in on-shore conditions with waves.


Straps allow for much greater range of motion than boots, which creates a slight decrease of leverage on the board. They also can have the tendency to release when not desired, making for an interesting situation. Look at PKRA podiums for the past few years, you’ll see that more and more of the world’s top level talent tossing their straps in the trash in exchange for boots. Youri Zoon, Alex Pastor, and Alberto Rondina to name a few.


Make sure your board’s inserts are properly reinforced. Also, you should consider picking up a board that is more specific to wake style riding if you want to ride with boots, something with a bit more surface and rocker would do the trick. Although it may seem large by the kiteboarding standard, the added length is nice for swing weight and plane-ability. The increased swing weight will slow down your rotations, something that looks much more appealing in the air, rather than the twitchy and fast movements that often come with riding straps. The larger surface area will help with the decreased upwind-ability due to the boots driving your heels down and the increased rocker line.

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