Prasonisi is the Greek word for “green island”. During summer time, and when water levels are low enough, this island is a peninsula attached to Rhodes. During the winter time, and when water levels are high enough, Prasonisi becomes an island. The southernmost tip of Prasonisi contains the Prassonissi Lighthouse. The closest Greek village is Kattavia; however, there is a purpose-built settlement on Prasonisi that contains motels, convenience stores, restaurants, and windsurf rentals which are open seasonally. Near Prasonisi is Vroulia, an ancient settlement that contains an old mosaic tiled floor. Prasonisi have some rooms to stay, mini markets and tavers. Windy place all the year make the spot ideal for kitesurfing.

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Sailing conditions

The eastern side of Prasonisi offers the right conditions for kitesurfing. The wind blows offshore and the waves swell size is from 1-3+ m/3.28-9.84+ ft. The direction of the wind is the northwest and usually reaches from 4 to 6 Bft, but most of the times, it goes over 7 Bft. The spot is appropriate for all kind of kite-surfers, combining all levels of difficulty. There are kite-surf schools, in case you need an expert to show you some magic tricks, while you ride in the waves and flirting with the wind.


Weather statistics
  Στιγμιότυπο 2014-12-12, 2.33.09 μ.μ.
Security advices Prasonisi is the perfect spot for kite surf for all level riders from May – September depends of the forecast. There is local security assistance with rescue boat in the flat area.
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