Learn To Ride The Waves

Progression announce the series of instructional kitesurfing videos. Now it’s your turn to take to the waves as they give you over 3 hours of in-depth instruction and everything you need to master riding a surfboard with a kite. The first videos on their schedule for launch will be released at the start of December.


Riding & Control


If you want to ride waves, or just get the most from riding a surfboard, you need to change your twintip habits and get fully in control of your board. Lose the straps and get to grips with waterstarts, step on beachstarts, body, board and kite positions for the perfect stance and the techniques for rolling over whitewater.

Carving Turns


What starts as a way of simply changing direction, becomes the foundation for your bottom turn on a wave and is vital if you are to truly grasp the co-ordination between your body, body and kite. There is so much to learn here, which is why we have 4 separate videos to cover all aspects of gybes, powered carves and all the footwork this entails.

Watch the trailer or read on to find out what we’ll be covering and full details of the launch.


Riding waves: Frontside


This what you are here for, vertical top to bottom turns, on waves big or small. Riding frontside is a natural place to start and is amazing when you connect everything together. We’ll be looking at getting set up on a wave, your bottom turn and then a clean solid top turn. But that is just the start, you need to ensure you are in the correct position to go at it again and start connecting one turn after the other.

Riding waves: Backside


Backside riding shares many skills with its opposite, frontside, but also has many unique challenges. It can be puzzling to understand how to get your body into the correct position to correctly control the power and link together proper vertical turns. We’ll show you the 4 key elements that will bring your backside riding to life.

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