Save Prasonisi

We urge all those who enjoy Nature to say NO to Prasonisi destruction in the island of Rhodos! The Greek government (P.P.C.) is planning to build a power plant at Prasonisi (RHODOS-SURF SPOT, ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE, NATURA 2000 PARK). The power plant (with two chimneys 50m high) will be built on the coastline of the island, at the most southern part, near the Prasonisi peninsula.


It will use mazut, a heavy low quality fuel oil containing sulfur, to power the plant. Mazut and sulfur will pose extreme danger to the environment, especially since these will be carried via pipes starting at 200 meters from the coastline of the east sand beach of Prasonisi, going into the sea where oil tankers will be docked.This poses a huge threat for an unmeasurable and irreducible ecologic disaster to one of the most spectacular natural locations of the Mediterranean and one of the most popular water sports destinations. The waste of the power station will be discharged in the sea and air! The nature-friendly energy alternatives are the wind power and solar energy (photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies), as the island of Rhodos is one of the most sunny places in Europe, dedicated to the God of Sun Helios! We call on the Greek government to withdraw all the plans for the power plant construction, replace all 61 outdated, polluting mazut power plants operating presently in the Greek islands with underwater electrical interconnection in combination with renewable energy technologies and proclaim Prasonisi a National Park.

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