Seat or Waist Harness

The harness is the key in your setup and must have a correct fitting  for a longer and safer kiting session.  When you will select a harness, most frequently asked questions is whether you should get a waist or a seat harness. There are some differences between the two that we will explain.We would always recommend where possible going in to a shop and trying on as many all the harness you can. If you wear a wetsuit the majority of the time it may be worth brining a thin jumper when trying on harnesses to give you the effect of having a wetsuit on. Most kiters will eventually purchase a waist harness due to the freedom of movement they can give you.

waist-300x242   VS  seat-harness-300x242


Seat Harness

seat-harness-300x242A seat harness tends to be a great harness for most beginners, and it is probably the type of harness you would have worn during your kiteboarding lessons. Very similar to a rock climbing harness just more padded, a seat harness has straps around the legs and a large velcro waistband to make sure it is held correctly on your body. A few companies produce board shorts with a seat harness built in, the benefit of these is that they are less bulky, however they do not tend to have the same lifespan as the seat harness you see above.

Waist Harness


Waist harnesses have come along way in the past few years, allowing them to be more comfortable and offer a lot more support to the lower back than they used to. A waist harness sits slightly higher on your body than a seat: you attach them with one velcro strap across your waist then tighten the spreader bar for a snug fit.



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