The technique for light wind takes a little more thought than many might imagine but with just a few helpful pointers and a little practice you can transform your sessions. Lightwind riding is a real work out for your body, you can’t just hang off the kite, like in strong winds, you need to hold your body in the correct positions, balancing your weight against the kite. A great work out for your upper back and oblique muscles. There are two parts to consider – getting up and the board moving & then keeping yourself going (both of which we cover in details in the full video). But its actually more than that, we all want to stay upwind so rather than just getting loads of speed and shooting off downwind we need to get a little more technical.

Do you know about apparent wind ? 

This is a crucial part of getting the most out of light winds, its all a bit science-y but necessary! The underlying theory is that the wind that effects your kite is not actually the true wind but somewhere between the true wind and the head wind, that you generate as you move forwards.


In strong winds we don’t really notice or worry about apparent wind as the true wind is generally way faster than our head wind but in light winds the impact can be huge. As you go faster, the apparent wind changes direction, forcing you to ride further downwind. So the short answer to this is that riding slower in light winds will get you upwind faster!




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