The NoWo Device

The NoWo is  going to make kitesurfing safer and a lot more fun by providing a whole lot of features to use right on the water. With the NoWo, when one of you gets into an emergency situation, a distress signal will be sent to the others showing his exact location so help can find him right away. Also, should you ever loose your board the NoWo will show its position so you can retrieve it hassle-free.

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But this handy little device is not only made to improve your safety. Its also able to supply you with any information you might ever want about your session. Now you can see how fast you’re going, how high that last jump was, how far you have travelled and much more – everything LIVE while you’re out on the water. And even better: you can compete live with your friends. Who is going to jump higher? Who is going to jump further? Who is going to go faster? Just find out!

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Once you’re done with your session just upload it to your smartphone, look at your session in detail, share it with the rest of the world and compete with the best! See all the included features below and if you are interested make sure to leave your e-mail so we can tell you everything about the development of NoWo.

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