The Ultimate Kite Book

“Kiteboarding Tricktionary – Twintip Supreme Edition” is the most comprehensive kiteboarding book that has ever been published.

It’s heavy (1.8 kilograms), long (424 pages), and full of high-quality photographs (more than 500 shots). The book is extremely well organized. The authors were careful enough to keep it accessible to riders of all ages and levels of experience.


They kick off with the fundamentals of kiteboarding (weather, equipment, safety), and move on to Freestyle’s new and old school maneuvers, transitions, and trick combinations. Michael Rossmeier, the book’s publisher, has been involved in water sports for more than 20 years. He has always been a professional windsurfer, but in 2009 he discovered the exciting world of kiteboarding. After kicking off a successful Tricktionary series in windsurfing, Rossmeier decided to embark on a new adventure. 


He invited kiteboarders Julian Hosp and Thomas Burblies, to help him plan, design and write the “Kiteboarding Tricktionary.” Twelve professional kiteboarders contributed with their moves to the book’s content. Kevin and Jalou Langeree, Cesar Portas, Sebastian Garat, Youri Zoon, and Alberto Rondina are some of the pros featured in the prolific guide. They will make sure you complete all tricks effortlessly. The book features tip boxes, descriptions of problems and solutions, key points, and step-by-step explanations.

You can find the book HERE



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