Tigaki is located 11 kilometers far from Kos town and 7 kilometers north of Asfendiou village. Tigaki’s permanent residents reach around 250. It is a holiday resort which has undertaken a lot of development during the past decades especially along its long sandy coastline on the northern part of the island. Years ago the place used to be the local’s favourite holiday resort. The natural environment in Tigaki is impressive and calming, with lots of green all around and many plants and colourful flowers that decorate the landscape. The various accommodation alternatives close to the beach and in the surrounding area, along with a very peaceful, traffic-free environment made Tigaki one of the most popular destinations on the Kos island. 

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Sailing conditions Meltemi wind NW, thermal, starts around noon and stops exactly with sunset. Every day mostly 4.5-6 Bft. 10/12 sqm kite is the most useful. Best time to go is June to August, which is high season, with 80-90% wind. Off-season no regular winds. 

Weather statistics
  Στιγμιότυπο 2014-12-13, 7.47.37 μ.μ.
Security advices There is enough place at the beach. Respect and take care if there are swimmers. The beach is sandy, sometimes there are some broken bottles. After the beach there are bushes/trees. Take care of the pipe who enters the sea from the salt lake. There is local security assistance with rescue boat during summer months.
Useful informations
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