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Wind is the most important thing for kitesurfing and we trust the best sites to check it!! Use these links to find weather and climate information on other sites  for the wind in Greece. WindGURU is a service specialized for forecasting weather, mostly for windsurfers and kitesurfers (but not only…). Forecasts are based on data produced by weather forecast models. Windguru is able to provide forecast for any place on planet Earth. The main reason to create this site was the idea to get the forecasts quickly and easily without wild clicking the mouse while searching for meteomaps throughout the internet.

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Aktenium is a Greek site that provides live weather data in real time all over Greece. Very simple site and useful to check how is the weather in live conditions around you.

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 The node METEO.GR opened its doors in June 2001. It is the Greek and simplified version of the already existing page NOA ( The design and development of node was to provide a simplified weather forecasts for the general public. It includes forecasts for a total of approximately 500 locations and cities of our country which are given in tabular form , while symbols crowd give the user a comprehensible picture of the weather for the next three days.

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POSEIDON system is a unique planning tool in the endeavour for the protection of the marine environment. It also provides a competitive advantage for the development of business activity, the prevention of disaster, and the safeguarding of human life. In the frame of the world-wide trend for the development of operational oceanography.

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