Introducing the WOO

WOO is the world’s first Kiteboarding Performance Tracker.  WOO captures the data behind the rush, it’s a revolutionary device that stores every second of your session, each jump’s height and airtime are all precision-recorded.



  • Waterproof –  Completely sealed to protect against damage.
  • Shockproof. – Designed to take a beating and keep on recording.
  • Corrosion-resistant –  Four contacts on the device maintain their connection after repeated contact with salt water and sand.
  • Bluetooth – Wireless sync with your iOS device while on the beach – no computer required.
  •  9-axis motion sensor – Detects the kinematic energy from your board to capture jump data.


  • Sync – Build a profile in the native iOS WOO App. After every session WOO syncs with your iPhone, enhancing your experience and super-powering your progression.
  • Share – Data provides an entirely new layer of interaction for action sports. Geek out post-session, review your stats, share your achievements, post pics, and compare performance locally and globally.
  • Compete – With WOO, you can not only share your session, but you can compete, you can compare, you can improve, and you can talk smack. Pros, amateurs, rookies and veterans, all posting their results, sharing the stoke and boosting bigger, worldwide. 


You cand find the WOO at



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