Xylokastro – Corinthia


 Xylokastro is from Corinth about 40 km is an ideal place to stay , but for a base tour . Τhe area  is one of the nearest escape from Athens. Today Xilokastro has 6,700 inhabitants and is the third largest city in the prefecture of Corinthia . It’s a place you can visit either winter or summer . The beautiful sandy beaches and pine woods attract thousands of visitors every year resulting Xilokastro currently constitutes one of the major tourist centers of the Peloponnese . Many here have built their cottages and the area offers a wide range of accommodation and entertainment.

Sailing conditions

The wind direction is normally NW-W with average  15-35 knots depends of the forecast. Many locals Kitesurfer in the region during all year.


Wind statistics 

Στιγμιότυπο 2014-12-09, 7.43.31 μ.μ.

Security advices

Swimmers in the area maybe possible during summer months There is  local security assistance rescue boat and  lot of local kitesurfers through all year in the area.

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